The Beginning

Today, some poor unsuspecting publishing assistant will have come into work, coffee in hand, midweek blues in full swing, eagerly awaiting payday, and opened her emails to find my submission for Fairytale. To that person, whoever she (or I guess perhaps, he) may be, I wish you fucking luck with it.

It’s filthy, I’m not going to lie. It’s heavy going at times, sexy at others, and it is funny, but if I weren’t the author and the subject, I’d say it left a strange taste in the mouth. Perhaps that’s because it’s about a real life, which can never be totally sweet or salty.

I don’t know if Fairytale will change the career of that publishing assistant, or make anyone their fortune, but I do know one thing… Anyone who reads it will be affected by it some way (even if I say so myself). Let me just say now, that if it’s revulsion then I don’t blame you. I’m imagining the publishing assistant spitting her coffee out over her computer, and that’s fine.

My hope though, is that it might show something new of the troubled journey that gay people like me and like millions of others have gone through, and come out of with a happy ending. In some ways, there is a happy ending to be found simply in being able to print out a story about gay life and not face arrest or social stigmatization.

With that in mind, I hereby publicly, humbly and nervously give to you all, my story. There are two chapters up already in ‘The Story…’, and the rest will come out in episodes, bit by bit. Please sign up to receive news of the latest releases.

So, publishing assistant – wipe down your screen, light a cigarette, have a muffin and please read on. I look forward to doing business with you, and if not… well, I guess that’s just part of my story.




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