Australia, you’re turning into a big, hot, anti-gay mess.


Anybody who voted for Tony Abbott knew for a fact that his government would take an obstructive position on gay marriage equality, and many will have been drawn to him for that reason alone. All I can say is, history will make you look like an idiot. In Tony Abbott’s case, you don’t need history to illuminate his idiocy because it’s written across his face.

Much is made in the Lucky Country about ‘Australian Standards’, supposedly a benchmark of quality. You will even here industry and government boasting about ‘World Class Australian Standards’. Well, I’m afraid that by standing in the way of government-recognized relationships for same-sex couples, you have ranked your own standards with those of homophobic Russia, Greece, Turkey, Indonesia to name but a few.

I have great faith in the pragmatism of the majority of Australians, as in honesty, I’ve never met smarter people than those I came to know and love during my time in Australia. But there is something rotten in Australian politics, just as in American politics, that does not want to see social progress and equality for all citizens. It is the same dark prejudice that has made the Indigenous Australians outcasts in their own land, that sees Asian migrants beaten in parks, and sends asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea instead of dirtying Australia’s hands by handling them on home soil. It is also worth noting that gay asylum seekers deported to Papua New Guinea are being arrested and tortured for their sexuality there. That is how Australian politicians treat the rights of gay people.



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