Chapter Five is COMING, and it’s COMING HARD!




About Fairytale…

What is the topic on everybody’s lips, from the Australian Prime Minister, to the Archbishop of Canterbury to the President of the United States? What subject is it that is making people the world over re-evaluate the fundamental building blocks of society? What is the hottest debate surrounding equality since the end of segregation? It’s not unholy war, it’s not the collapse of the global financial system. It’s gay rights.

As marriage equality becomes law across Europe and America, now is the most important moment in history to delve into the lives of the men and women that form the first generation of mankind able to marry members of the same sex. Fairytale is the true story of a child of our times, a young boy growing up gay in the 1990’s, spurred on by the advent of the internet to seek love in all the wrong places and with older men who should have known better but didn’t care, travelling across the country, the worldwide web and eventually the world, in pursuit of real love.

This funny, tragic, yet heart-warming memoir illustrates just how damaging it can be to be told that your right to be who you are, and your right to love who you love, do not exist. It documents the traps and the pitfalls waiting for our youngsters when they’re given no guidance and no support, but also the adventure awaiting those that can keep their hope of true love alive.

Fairytale is episodic, moving from one controversial and titillating adventure to another over the course of a decade. The central character, Me, is real flesh and blood, with real emotion, sympathy, honesty and humour. It is a blow-by-blow journey from coming to terms with one’s sexuality, through putting oneself in harm’s way in a misguided search for affection and for love, through internet grooming and abuse, through rejection and passion, to watching everything one thought one knew about oneself dissolve – with no detail spared; and yet the story shows how it is possible to emerge from the wreckage. It is not a story for the weak-stomached, but a true rollercoaster ride through a real-life story of sex, deceit, depression, love, and most importantly of all… survival.

In a changing world we cannot afford to be afraid of difficult truths and we can’t shy away from what makes us uncomfortable. This book is a head-on look at a way of living most people cannot even imagine, an explosive story that makes Queer As Folk look like Little House on the Prairie. Whether gay or straight it will definitely have everyone talking and, at times, even crying, but most importantly, it might even leave you with a smile.


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