Art v. Business (written with a “Muffnut” and half a glass of wine)

Firstly, it’s not really called a “muffnut”, and more’s the pity. The snack to which I refer is a muffin made of doughnut dough and with jam in the middle, AVAILABLE ONLY AT TESCO! It’s called a “Duffin”, but when I found out that the rest of the world hadn’t cottoned on to how great they are, I suggested that a re-naming to “Muffnut” might garner a bit more attention and sales. I live in hope that I’ll be taken seriously.

Secondly, Chardonnay is such a lame varietal. It’s either too grassy and heavy, or it’s flimsy like a Pinot Grigio (the former being most Australian versions and the latter being from everywhere else). Where white wine is concerned, the ultimate is a New Zealand Marlborough Savignon Blanc (even a cheap one can hit the spot), a Western Australian Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, or a Swan Valley Verdelho. Take note and then have a drink.


The job of the artist is not to fit in with business.

When one thing is commercially successful, a raft of copies, plagiarisms and variations on the exact same theme then appear. It’s the oldest business strategy in the book, and there’s not enough space here to list all the examples. But when you hear a song that sounds similar to that big hit a few months earlier it’s deliberate.

Joni Mitchell once said “nobody told Van Gogh to paint another Starry Night“, and yet it is required of musicians all the time. The same with books, films, food, drink and anything that can be commodified.

The job of the artist is not to fit in with trends. She is not there to fit the mould, she is there to BREAK IT.

You should always be suspicious of those that are trying to recreate something that brought someone else success. Some artists will even try and replicate their own triumphs. BE SUSCPICIOUS OF THIS, IT IS ALWAYS WITH THE INTENTION OF COMMERCIAL GAIN.

Art and business go hand in hand, but our job as artists is to tell business what it should be trying to sell, and not the other way round.



2 thoughts on “Art v. Business (written with a “Muffnut” and half a glass of wine)

    • Oh my God, I just googled the Cronut. It looks so amazing that I’m going to join the army just to learn to shoot a gun and defend it against the growing battalions of fat people in the world. #soexcitedishedalittletear

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