Stuff I learned from “The Sound of Music”…

1. Music is joyous… The very act of singing, whether it’s a sad song, an ecstatic one, a prosaic one, a pious one, it doesn’t matter. Singing is a joy. Music is exquisite.

2. I wanted to jump from bench to bench in a pink chiffon dress… Don’t we all? And with Rolf there to catch us with his thick fingers, curly blond hair and California tan, who’s the mad crazy bitch not to give it a try?

3. The best part of religion is the choir… Verdi, Mozart, Arvo Part, John Rutter – if this stuff doesn’t make you feel close to God then a cold wooden pew or a damp stained Bible won’t either. So go with the music (message me for recommendations).

4. A hot single father with a big pile is all we really need… No need to work, no need for agonising labour, and kids old enough not to need their orifices cleaned. I wish it for all of you.

5. The Baroness (played by the heavenly Eleanor Parker), was the real heroine and moral authority of the film… She knew what she wanted, she fought for it mercilessly, she let nobody else touch it, but when she knew it was lost she let it go and vowed to start anew. We could all take a lesson.


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