Christmas Presents, Resolutions, Ruminations and FRAKKNUCKLE TEASERS!!!



SO, 2014 has been and nearly gone, and what have you got to show for it? Me – I’ve managed to get through another year without a major episode of Depression thanks to the inventors of Quetiapine/Seroquel, but also thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read and reflect on my writing, to all of you who have commented on chapters and posts and quips, to all of you who through your own individual uniqueness and brilliance have pointed me in the direction of great writing and philosophy, and to all of you who in the real world have shared your hearts, humour and trust with me. I’M HUMBLED AND HONOURED TO HAVE ALL OF YOU IN MY LIFE/LIVES.

Christmas is a confusing time for all of us. We’re torn between finding within us the spiritual elements of Yule and/or the birth of Christ, between giving into the rampant consumerist pressure, the familial pressure and the desire to just say “fuck it, I can’t be doing with this anymore”. We’re also faced with the memory of those we’ve lost, with the despair at all the destruction going on around the world, all the suffering. Perhaps that is why we try to recreate the magic of our childhood and why we give ourselves permission to start drinking well before lunch time. All we can do is embrace all of it and resolve to make the next year count even more than the previous one.

Speaking of resolutions, I don’t like them. Who does? I try not to indulge in them at New Year, but I do see some worth in making them on our birthdays. In that case they really can be about making plans for your life rather than just making a list of things to do in conjunction with a calendar. Conveniently, however, my birthday falls on January 6th, so I guess I can count any resolutions I make as pertaining to both. So here goes:

Resolution(s): I’m going to do my best in everything as much as I can, whether it’s art, work, relationships, lifestyle and/or enjoying the world.

Is that good enough? It’s the best I’ve got.

However, 2015 promises to be an exciting year. In January I’ll be recording the the audio version of my upcoming collection of poetry, FRAKKNUCKLE, both of which will be available online shortly thereafter. In the New Year I’ll also be making a pilgrimage to the home town of my Welsh childhood idyll – Aberystwyth, with my best friends and my gorgeous husband. There’s a trip to Australia on the cards, also a Canary Islands jaunt, and possibly even a backpacking adventure around the fjords, hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields of my belovèd Iceland. I’m going to be collaborating with some wonderful artists to bring you new graphics for this site and my other ones in the works, as well as for FRAKKNUCKLE. I may also begin preparing to return into the firm embrace of the tertiary education system and to make my way back to the city I’ve always loved, London.

Sound good?

Well, because I’m so excited about the year ahead, both creatively and personally, now seems the perfect moment to start to leak some of the work that makes up FRAKKNUCKLE. Consider it a Yuletide gift, and a taster of what’s to come. Please visit the FRAKKNUCKLE section of the website for two pieces of work I’m honoured to share with you: The Hong Lim Suite and The Sun Rising.


With Love,






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