Soundtrack of the week is BACK! Listen and enjoy this little musical tour of the world…

(N.B. I don’t own any rights to any of the following media, and make no income from showing them!)

1. Chances Are by Lee Ann Womack

Basically, no week is complete for me without a bit of reflection, soul-searching and heartache – not because I’m intrinsically morose, but just because! I guess that’s where the poetry comes from. And nobody gets that better than Lee Ann Womack (more from Lee Ann later!):

2. Maailmanloppu (World’s End) by Eleanoora Rosenholm

DARK, DARK, DARK! This little treat from Finland sounds like Winter. The drunken, struggling-to-pay-the-heating-bill kind of Winter. Mmmmm…

3. Still In Love With You by Electro Velvet (Eurovision 2015)

Yes, this is the UK entry for the Euro this year, and yes, it is shit. It’s the kind of shit, however, that given enough radio play and 4Music rotation, could become a novelty classic along the lines of Steps or S Club 7. It could even scrape a points tally that goes into double figures, but let’s not get our hopes up…

4. L’Anima Vola (The Soul Flies) by Elisa

A #2 hit in Italy in 2013, this is one of the most exquisite arrangements of any pop songs I’ve heard for yonks. It really speaks/sings/flies for itself…

5. La Differenza Tra Me E Te (The Difference Between You And Me) by Tiziano Ferro

This was the first hit for Italian megastar Tiziano Ferro after he came out of the closet, following a period of self-imposed exile in London while suffering with Depression. After a couple of listens, I’ll bet you anything you’ll be chanting the opening spoken words/title under your breath in an exaggerated bass voice…

6. Veep

For those who haven’t already seen it, Veep is one of the funniest shows on TV, following a disaster-prone Vice President of the United States played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Here is but one of her myriad political blunders, and one you’ll be humming all week:

7. Send It On Down by Lee Ann Womack

Jesus can you save me from goin’ crazy/ I need some help gettin’ out of this town/ Are there any answers up in the here after/ Oh, if you’ve got somethin’ won’t you send it on down/ While I’m still able to be found‘ –

THIS IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!…


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