@christineandthequeens is a good enough reason to brush up on your French, but you don’t need to anymore…

My loyal Bitches have heard me extol the excellence of Christine and the Queens on numerous occasions over the last couple of years, but my guess is that most of you non-Francophone readers haven’t checked her out yet because, ‘duh!’, she sings mainly in French. SHAME ON YOU! Not only is she arguably one of the most intriguing acts to come to prominence in the last 20 years, with a lyrical and musical sensibility as distinctive as some of the greats – Björk, Rickie Lee Jones, David Bowie are not unreasonable comparisons. But you are also depriving yourself of the joy and surprise of watching the unfolding of an artistic journey whose destination is in no way predictable.

Well, NO MORE! No longer need you non-speakers of French dwell in the demain of ignorance, for Christine and the Queens is coming to Anglo-Saxon airwaves with an English album, featuring these two new gems. Check ’em out and start brushing up your French, because I guarantee you’ll be wanting more…


When Lords earn their credit…

I know so many wonderful, smart, hard-working women and men whose households depend on these meagre credits. I’m both glad and surprised that it is the unelected nobility that has sent the message back to George Osborne that the poorest should not have to see the biggest cut in their standard of living to pay for the recklessness of the international banking institutions (for which, some of the smartest, most hard-working and wonderful people I know also work). Question is, will the Conservatives use this defeat as an excuse to cut public services even further, rather than increase the 40% top income tax rate (one of the lowest of the major EU countries), or instead of increasing taxes on second homes and investment properties? I have a feeling we’ll find out soon…


Welcome to Tristan Coleshaw, my Bitches!

It’s me!


I decided that for better or for worse, I’m at my best when I’m just me. And also You’re the best when you’re just You. So let’s Me be Me and You be You, and together we can be the World. THE WORLD, I say.

Love, T xxxxxxx

Friday thoughts…

When straight, white men write confessionally it’s edgy, brave.

When straight, white women write confessionally it’s indulgent.

When non-white men and women, gay or straight write confessionally, it’s illuminating, eye-opening.

When gay men and women write confessionally it’s daring, obscene.


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