Flirting after thirty-three

flirting after thirty-three

the first move

eyes on ring finger


flirter après trente-trois ans

le premier geste

un coup d’œil sur l’annulaire

– Tristan Coleshaw.

Me & Julian 1


The Writer’s Imagination

I have it on good authority from the artist – my aunt – that my baggy shorts were the closest thing I had to a skirt, the rubber bands on my wrist were my bracelets, and the socks were my asskicking boots. Yes, in my mind I was – and still am – She-Ra: Princess of Power…


That’s the kind of imagination you need as a writer and as a performer. And then you need to surround yourself with supportive people like my aunt, who will confirm to you that you’re absolutely bossing it.

Happy, Creative New Year, bitches!

LATEST PUBLICATION: The Art of Breaking the Fall

Thanks to the fabulous team at Unbroken Journal for giving a home to this little piece of mine.