Wishin’ Back Wednesday v. Mariah Carey in LAS VEGAS!

Yo bitches!

Time to celebrate – we’re halfway through the week again. Yes, we’ve made it!

AND an even greater cause for celebration – tonight marks the beginning of the first Las Vegas residency of one of pop music’s most enduring, incomparable legends and a fave of mine since the old days (as those of you who read Fairytale WILL remember)…. MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!!!

#1 To Infinity

While her Vegas set and upcoming compilation #1 to Infinity will be bringing us the 18 US #1 hit singles she has earned over a twenty-five year career, on today’s Wishin’ Back Wednesday’ playlist we’re going to revel in nine of the many wonderful songs she’s written that didn’t reach the top spot, plus her new single ‘Infinity‘, PLUS a hilarious piss-take of La Mariah by Chelsea Handler (just in case you thought I was one of those crazy fans that didn’t realise how ridiculous this guilty pleasure makes me!)

ENJOY, BITCHES! And good luck in Vegas, Mariah!

(N.B. I don’t own the copyright to any of these videos and am not making money from them)

10. Say Somethin’ (feat. Snoop Dogg), (US #79, UK #27) from The Emancipation of Mimi, 2005.

9. Bringin’ On The Hearbreak, from Charmbracelet, 2003.

8. Almost Home, from Oz the Great and Powerful, 2013.

7. Can’t Let Go, (US #2, UK #20), from Emotions, 1991.

6. Breakdown (feat. Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone), (US R&B #4), from Butterfly, 1997.

5. Through The Rain, (US #81, UK #8), from Charmbracelet, 2003.

4. The Roof, (UK #96), from Butterfly, 1997.

3. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel), (US #15, UK #22), from Me. I Am… Mariah, 2013.

2. Make It Happen, (US #5, UK #17), from Emotions, 1991.

1. Infinity, (UK R&B #27), from #1 To Infinity, TBR May 27th 2015.

Ha ha ha!: Chelsea Handler, Deep Inside Hollywood: Mariah Carey…


“You know I’d change if I could, but being bad… it feels so good”


And congrats Lee Ann for your Grammy nomination, The Way I’m Livin’ for Best Country Album 2015.

Why do we still listen to Björk? Easy…

Fans have watched Björk explore and experiment with electronics, orchestras, Inuit choirs, films… They’ve seen her work to create new musical instruments using gravity to produce sound, develop the world’s first album app and shock conservative America by laying an egg on the Academy Awards red carpet. Perceptive visitors to the incomparable shores of Iceland have noticed her blend of technology, classical tradition and viscerally emotional singing style evoked and reflected in the urban and natural landscapes and the visionary engineering accomplishments of her native country, her literal storytelling infused with the written history of the nation. And for those who have heard of her but don’t know much of her work, they remember the shocked glee of her one cover version hit, ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’. So why do we still listen to Björk? Easy… Because whether you see her as kooky, eccentric, visionary or unfathomable, she’s never predictable and she never fails to interrupt the inertia of mainstream music.

The early leaking of Björk’s latest set, Vulnicura, is perhaps the most fortuitous event in her career since the day she met Nellee Hooper. The reason being that it has forced her name back to its rightful place at the forefront of the music press, and back to the upper reaches of her commercial power. But is it just about the buzz? Fuck, no. Björk, like all great artists, doesn’t just team up with a new set of hot shit producers to make something new and in conformity with current mass tastes. Her body of work has created a huge lexicon of sounds, styles, subject matters and emotions that show up in one piece of work, are absent in others, and resurface again re-envisaged when they become relevant to the artist once more. There’s nothing wrong in writers having words that and sounds that best express certain experiences. They only get boring if they’re used all the time. This is a trap Björk has never fallen into, even if she has created themes and sonic landscapes that she’s returned to and taken to the next stage of their development. It is this, the reference to, and departure from all the work and exploration that has come before in her journey as a solo artist that makes Vulnicura so unique: simply, it’s all Björk, past, present and exciting future.

Vulnicura contains risk-taking elements of Debut, Post, Homogenic, Vespertine, Medúlla, Volta and Biophilia. Not suitable for those with genius-allergies.