Singin’ Back Sunday – Italy’s National Gay Anthem

Somethin’ wonderful about 150,000 people in Old Europe’s least legally progressive country singing along with one of the biggest songs and gay anthems by Italy’s most high profile LGBT musician, Tiziano Ferro. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds hope for the future of LGBT rights in Italy in this.


The Universal Problem With Gay Poetry…

Below is an excellent article discussing the problems that authors of male gay poetry face in gaining recognition for their work. It also resonates with me because of one reply I got from a leading literary agent who read Fairytale, who told me that there was much to admire in my work, but due to its niche appeal would be hard-placed to land a commercial publisher. By niche market, of course, he meant gay. However, the million or more gay people in this country, I would argue, is not niche but it is neglected. It is ignored.

Here’s one writer’s thoughts on the problem. PLEASE COMMENT AND DISCUSS!

CLICK TO READ: “Other Avenues” by Gregory Woods.

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