The Poet must fight like The Slayer…

To publish any work is to go into battle. Battle with all the nay-sayers and the people that would gladly smack your work down. You have to fight for the existence of your work in a way that most of humanity will never understand. This means day after day after day, each bloody and heartbreaking step. And the fight never ends.

You also have to be in control of your work. Like The Slayer, every word like her every action must be planned, must be part of a strategy. One wrong move, one miscalculation and the fight can be over.

The poet must trust her instincts, just as The Slayer must. If her instincts tell her to go in a certain direction then she must. The battle cannot be won if fought on her opponent’s terms.

And just like The Slayer, the poet’s victories will probably never be acknowledged by the world as most of them happen in those small battles that nobody sees. But it is her calling that she must fight the fight without hope of reward. Humanity depends on her.